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Yokohama Business Park “Rental Meeting Room”


Floor Guide Map

フロア案内図 横浜ビジネスパーク ウエストタワー7階 詳細

Price list

(Unit: Yen) Number of seats 9 am to 12 noon 1 pm to 5 pm 9 am to 5 pm
All day long
Besides regular business hours
8 am to 9 am,
5 pm to 10 pm
Discount on weekends and holidays、Season discount
(January, February, May, August, October)
It can be used for preparation
Large Meeting Room
All rooms
180 seat
90,000 132,000 222,000 1h 23,000 20% OFF of the price listed on the left 23,000
Large Meeting Room
120 seat
65,000 95,000 160,000 1h 18,000 18,000
Medium Meeting Room
All rooms
96 seat
45,000 66,000 111,000 1h 12,000 12,000
Medium Meeting Room
48 seat
30,000 40,000 70,000 1h 10,000 · The basic charge system of large conference room snd medium conference room are based on in the morning and afternoon. (We will charge basic fee even if you use less than basic time.)
· For use after 8:00 - 9:00 and after 17:00, we charge the unit price per hour. For large and medium conference rooms, we do not offer use of only during from 8:00 to 9:00 or the use only for after 17:00.
· If you request a room the whole day, you can use it through between 12:00 to 13:00.
· Discount on off-season, weekends and holidays and the advance preparation are applied only for large and medium conference rooms.
Meeting Room No.1 10 seat
1h  3,400 23,800 1h 3,400
Meeting Room No.2 10 seat
1h  3,400 23,800 1h 3,400
Meeting Room No.3 12 seat
1h 4,000 28,000 1h 4,000
Meeting Room No.4 10 seat
1h 3,400 23,800 1h 3,400
Discussion Room
(Per one room)
8 seat
1h  2,700 18,900 1h 2,700
  • Rental fees are basically on a flat rate system for morning half-day (9 am to 12 noon), afternoon half-day (1 pm to 5 pm).
  • Hours besides regular business hours (8 am to 9 am and after 5 pm) will be charged by the hour.
  • When rented for a full-day use, the room can also be used through lunchtime hours (12 noon to 1 pm).
  • Large and medium size meetings room will be rented at a 20% discount for the months of January ~April, July~September and December.

List of charge for auxiliary equipment

(Unit: Yen) 1 hour (Max. until 10 pm)
Video projector 1,000
80-inch screen 500
Plasma display 1,500
  • For the rental equipment, it should be only used in the rental meeting room.
  • Do not take the equipment out of the rental room.

Fixtures and fittings

Large Meeting Room Video projector x 1 (connectable to PC), Wi-Fi
microphone x 5 (wired x 1, wireless x 4),
white board x 1
Medium Meeting Room Video projector x 1 (connectable to PC), Wi-Fi
microphone x 4 (wired x 2, wireless x 2),
white board x 1
Meeting Room No.1,2,3,4 White board x (fixed on a wall x 1), Wi-Fi
Discussion Room
No.1 to 3
White board x (fixed on a wall x 1), Wi-Fi
Others(※) Video projector x 1,
80-inch screen x 1,
42 inch plasma display x 2

※Wi-Fi availability

  • Qualcomm Atheros Wireless LAN Chip
  • Some PCs with Microsoft® Windows Vista® may not be able to use this Wi-Fi support.

NTT Wifi

※The use of other fixtures and fittings needs special charge.

  • Above equipped devices may not be able to use, due to accidental failure, maintenance or repair. In such case, please note that substituting devices are not prepared.
  • When your own equipment (such as PCs) is used in our rental room, please prepare the connection cables.
  • Other devices are allowed to use at each rental room. They are used in the order of appointment.


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