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Design of YBP — A Metropolis For Human Needs

YBP is an intelligent city equipped with advanced facilities and functions corresponding to the present-day highly-networked information society. Returning to the fundamental philosophy of "creating a human-oriented urban community", this project has embarked, positioning this philosophy as the central concept.



The Yokohama Galleria is a full-scale art gallery designed for the comfort and breadth of mind for those who work in Yokohama Business Park as well as for those people visiting. The basic concept here is "humor". Here are some examples of the artistic experience blended within an urban environment.

An image of the Virgin Mary and as opposed to her, an earthly man. They are connected with one telephone line. Not facing each other, not even next to each other -— they are both a totally separate existence; nevertheless there is a feeling of "oneness" in the image. Perhaps this portrays the style of human relationships today.
These owls are awake at the entrance of the forest of the animals, like a gatekeeper. Owls have been venerated for their power of prophecy, for their wisdom and have been a symbol of fertility. These owls may be on the watch-out for the animals of the Yokohama Galleria, or perhaps the whole Yokohama Business Park.
Every dog has his day
A very unique work that takes advantage of the spacious Yokohama Galleria. The dogs that appear from within a wall walk into another wall. Is it not a message for us to defy stereotype?
A very powerful work -— a reflection of the creation process. It is made by wrought metal, where a metal sheet is hammered into shape. Enjoy the mechanical appearance and its futuristic form.
Watch out! Not to worry -- even with a strong wind of 80 km per hour, this object will not move even a bit. Notice the chains becoming smaller at the top -— such detailed work is calculated for an enhanced impact on the sense of perspective. Out of the blue, this object appeared in the middle of an urbane surrounding to intrigue our senses.
People Line
On a semi-circle base, there are many people marching together. Is it alarming us of the ever increasing population, or on the contrary, Is it portraying the joy of all human beings together as one in peace? Let your imagination flow.
Inlaid Scenery-Circle
Stand in front of this work. There appears to be a scenery as you look through the open circle; however as you approach, you see yourself. The material is polished stainless steel with a mirror finish. We realize how blurry and unreliable our images actually are.
Phase of Nothingness-Ring of Scenery
As if the scenery through the open space is cut out. Please focus on the inner space and outer space of the ring. This work makes us realize that beauty and vulnerability are in fact inextricably linked.
Sphere invaded horizontal and vertical
The geometric form creates a beauty in structure. While the overall image is that of an egg, the horizontal and vertical dimensions create a distinct ambience surrounding this work.
A rock with wings. A rock that can fly the sky freely. We all know that this element, rock is immobile, but with a good sense of humor, two unrelated elements create a world of its own.
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